Car Rents / Hire Purchase

Long Term Car Rents, Hire Purchase, and Leasing:

Hire Purchase and leasing services for all types of vehicle; car, van, truck, executive car, employee car, corporate car and all types of vehicles available to meet all your needs. With the extra care, all car maintenance and car care are provided throughout the rental period. Moreover, We the services car center are nationwide available 24Hrs. Including 1st-class insurance, car repairs and maintenance throughout the lease with caring mind.


  • There are more than 10,000 service vehicles for every brand, including Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Nissan. Mercedes Benz, BMW and all brands of interest in the car market along with another type of vehicles, such as 4-wheel cars, trucks, pick-up trucks, cranes, and vans, to meet all your needs. 
  • Easy and fast in our process and price, quickly to give you our responses and replies and car delivered to serve you in shortly. Timely, make no mistakes in 
  • making a decision and never miss important events for your concerned business. 
  • We provide one-stop-service, which allows you and your company to save time from the frustrated processes to deal with the size or the conditions of the vehicle, the procurement process, the registration, the management of the annual vehicle tax, the compulsory coverage, the insurance, the maintenance, the management of the accident, finding the rental of the comparative model or the same model as well as providing replacement of the vehicle during its repair. Further, you and your company can avoid the complication of managing financial and accounting matters for your accounting assets and operating costs. 
  • Improve your management and work efficiency when any accidents happened by simplifying the process of accidents, no handling with vehicle insurance and taxes, or even dealing with its car maintenance and car-condition checks. 
  • Car Checkups and preventive maintenance every 10,000 km, and either tire change at 50,000 km or every 2 years; likewise, the replacement of battery without having to wait for the battery to deteriorate or having its problems before. The battery is replaced on every 1.5 years. 
  • We can provide fast services because we have many service centers and agents throughout the country. Do not worry if your car is in trouble or any car accidents happened. Our teams and agents can help you to solve the problems around the country. Additionally, we also provide the substituted car in case of the rental car is in trouble, or waiting for its repairment. 
  • Competitive price, value for money, compare the details and prices with all the companies that provide relevant services so as to choose the best service provider at the best price. 
  • Take care of every step and make things simple to the management of the car immediately. And, equipped with elimination and reduction of complexities and frustrations related to negotiations with car dealers on price, premiums and taxes, depreciation calculations and car maintenance. Do not waste your time watching and doing business on this subject. 
  • Financial benefits, instead of giving out the deposit or of using your money to insure for a car rent, you can take the exact amount of money to bring or to use 
  • In advantage of prices and special deals, Siam Car Rents provides a leasing condition for a long-term contract and we substantially have the number of our clients on hand that make us to have the bargaining power and attractive negotiations with automobile companies/authorized distributors in Thailand as our advantageous in terms of price, rather than dealing directly with car dealers. 
  • Tax benefits for both direct and indirect way; in terms of taxation and tax deduction included reducing of financial burden and payment while on the other hand managing your capital money more effectively. 
  • According to standards and qualities of services, standardized service centers nationwide complied with automotive manufacturers such as standard-service centers of Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Chevrolet, Isuzu, Mazda, BMW, Ford, Mercedes Benz throughout Thailand. Coverage areas are in North, Central, East, Northeast and South, accompanied with leading auto care and tire service centers nationwide. 

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